When you feel like being bad…

I just returned home from a 10 day shoot in Philly on a movie called “Pennhurst” where I broke up with my diet. Nothing makes me feel like i’m home more than cooking in my kitchen, so I allowed myself one final “bad for me” meal before getting back to my regular routine. Quite a few of you have emailed me, asking for a good mac & cheese. So here is my take on it… large shells, romano cheese, chicken, and broccoli. It was so good, I feel the need to share.

What You Need:

chicken breasts
broccoli florets
large shells pasta, whole wheat shells work great too if you prefer
approx 2 cup of fresh grated romano cheese
a stick of butter
approx 2 cups of milk
approx 1/3 cup of flour
salt & pepper
crushed red pepper flakes

How To:

Boil the water for your pasta, with a pinch of salt in it, once its boiling add your pasta
Cube and season your chicken, sautee in a medium pan in a small spoon full of olive oil, set aside for later
In a separate pan, simmer the butter and milk, and wisk in the flour and romano cheese
Add a generous sprinkle of nutmeg
s&p and a smaller sprinkle of red pepper. more can be added later but you don’t want it getting too spicy
once your pasta is approx 1 minute away from being finished, pour the broccoli florets into the boiling water. let them cook approx 1 minute, then drain it all together.
In your hot pot, combine pasta, broccoli, chicken and spoon your gorgeous sauce on top.

Serve with a crisp green dinner salad and since you don’t get to indulge like this very often, enjoy! xo Haylie