Lemon, Caper & Artichoke Marinated Baked Salmon w/Small Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach with Pine Nuts

This meal came together after a fun afternoon at a friends bbq. lots of our favorite people, all just spending a gorgeous day together! lots of good junk food. homemade agave margaritas, fresh squeezed juices ( lemons and oranges right from the tree out in the backyard). it was a Lovely day. But after eating cheese platters and pizza is was time to go home and cook a clean healthy meal!

What you need:
boneless skinless salmon fillets
EV olive oil
fresh chopped parsley
fresh chopped basil
jar of capers
jar of marinated artichoke hearts
1/4 a cup of chicken stock
a large bag of spinach(you will need me that you think, spinach wilts alot!)
finely sliced shallots
handful on pine nuts
small potatoes

How to:
preheat over at 375
spread a thin layer of olive oil across large baking dish
drizzle oil on salmon fillets
S&Pepper, and sprinkle chopped basil across fillets, garlic salt, and and a squeeze of lemon
in separate skillet, wisk together the chicken stock, caper, and chopped artichoke hearts, sprinkle in chopped parsley, let warm and
pour our mixture salmon fillets

quarter the potatoes, season them with pepper and garlic salt, toss them so they are full coated. arrange potatoes around the salmon in the baking dish, cover dish with lid or aluminum
pop dish into the over at 375 degrees for approx 34-45minutes, depending on how big your fillets are, and how small you cut the potatoes.
you can always remove salmon out early if the potatoes need more time.

in a large skillet we will use a teaspoon on olive oil
chopped a shallot in to small pieces, and soften till they are clear.
I used two bags of spinach and tossed in a handful of pinenuts too (mainly because my boyfriend loves them!)
a big squeeze of lemon and your done!

salmon fillet with your caper and artichoke sauce drizzled across the top
then place your quartered potatoes
and your spinach
up to you, but i like the drizzle the chicken broth that we cooked the potatoes and salmon across the finished plate

Haylie Duff xo