Leftover Lobster Lunch


If you made the seafood boil and have leftovers (we had a ton!) here is an amazing way to not throw it away!
I peeled any leftover shrimp, and served it with some leftover cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

How to:
Any type of crusty sandwich bread or even hamburger buns. I used the Orowheat 100% multigrain sandwich thins and toasted them.
Spread some Chipotle Ranch (from whole foods) or even some mayo, with salt and pepper
Shred your lobster and crab in a bowl, mix with some lemon and a sprinkle of celery salt
Layer on some butter lettuce for some crunch

I also had some green beans in my fridge so i boil them for about two minutes and then tossed them into some ice water to keep them crunchy.

Great lunch for summer, and was a total hit with my boyfriend!

Enjoy xo

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