Cajun Surf


My mom and I recently went to newport beach, and on the way home stopped at a local seafood place and shared a steamer pot. Filled with all sorts of great spicy seafood and a couple ears of corn, I thought “Ive gotta make this at home.” A homemade cocktail sauce makes this meal fancy, and is great for a date night.

So with the help of my mom, a stop by ‘the Fish King’, and very little effort I ended up making a fun, great meal.

What you need:
a light beer
2 cloves of garlic
Old Bay seasoning
celery salt
1 lb of jumbo shrimp, shells on
couple lobster tails
couple crab claws
worcestershire sauce

How to:
Bring water and 1 beer to a boil
Add 3 or 4 tablespoons of old bay seasoning and 2 garlic cloves (don’t be scared to go overboard with seasoning, you cant!)
Once water is turning, add potatoes and corn
Boil till they are done, remove from water and place on to your serving dish
(Rinse your seafood well, if its frozen, make sure you defrost before placing in to your pot)
Add the seafood and boil for 3 mins, or once everything has turned pink
Don’t overcook!
Remove from water, drain, and place on serving dish.
Add a couple slices of lemon

Cocktail sauce:
Ketchup, couple tablespoons of horseradish (flavor to your taste), and a splash of worcestershire sauce

Easy Breezy.

Enjoy. xo

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