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Creamy Green Enchees!

Oh, pregnancy. You have been so easy and good to me so far. I feel very grateful that you haven’t made me puke for days on end, or given me acne or any of the other numerous ailments that I hear are usually associated with you! You have, however, made …

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Happy 2015!

At the beginning of each new year I like to reflect on the ups and downs of the year before and set my hopes and goals for the year to come. .. I love having a quiet moment to send gratitude out to the people that have enriched my life …

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Roasted Tortilla Soup

Happy New Years y’all! It has been cozy and rainy here in Los Angeles and when we are lucky enough to get some rain, I always make a good pot of soup! I have to be honest, my pregnancy cravings have been pretty tame. Ok, I did eat shrimp and …

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We are back for Season 2 y’all!

So excited to be coming back to Cooking Channel for Season 2 of Real Girl’s Kitchen! We had a BLAST making season 1 and season 2 filming is off to a great start! We are up-ing our game big time! More inspiration, bigger better recipes and lots of laughter! I …

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Celery & Lime Mock-tail

The Holidays are my favorite time of year to enjoy a festive cocktail! Just because I am skipping alcohol for the next few months doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a MOCK-tail! Serve these fresh drinks to your non drinking friends or mama’s-to-be! Everyone will be pleased! Celery & Mint Mock-tail …

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New Mama’s Favorite Skincare!

I found that changing all of my skincare products was one of the biggest changes that came along with pregnancy! I know it sounds silly, but if you are like me and LOVE your skincare regimen you too will find this stressful! I have sworn by the same skincare Guru …

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And baby makes three….

I have always shared everything with ya’ll here on Real Girl’s Kitchen…You have been with me through dating, falling in love, getting engaged and now the moment that has changed my life forever! Today we have big, exciting, wonderful, magical, amazing news! Matty and I are expecting a baby girl!¬†Entering …

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Naughty Truffle Creamed Corn

This is the naaaastiest naughtiest creamed corn around! After all, it is Thanksgiving and it is the one day a year we aren’t counting calories! Make this side dish to bring to a potluck and slay the rest of the competition! What you need: 5 cans of whole kernal corn …

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today is my FAVORITE day of the year and I am wishing you all a very happy day! I wasn’t planning on blogging today but so many of you tweeted me about the strawberry pie recipe that I snapped a few quick pics so I could share the …

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Thyme Cauliflower & Potato Mash

Mashed potatoes always make it front and center to our Thanksgiving table! This year we are lightening them up a bit with cauliflower! You can go with just cauliflower for this recipe but I like adding one potato just to keep the same feel. What you need: 1 head of …

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