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Cauliflower Buffalo Bites! Recipe to Try!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day! I am always looking for a way to give veggies and extra kick! My sister found this recipe and insisted we try it for our Labor Day Festivities! They are delish!!! Cauliflower Buffalo Bites Recipe Courtesy of The lean Clean Eating Machine Prep …

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Greek Burger with Tzatziki

After we wrapped shooting on Real Girl’s Kitchen season 1 I had some lbs to lose! Although I love to workout, dieting is not my favorite thing by any means. I fight cravings and have the occasional slip-up that feels like it sets me back a week! One way I …

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Whats Cookin’ Good Looking: Eggnog French Toast

I like to think of myself as a generally good girl (wink!) but every now and then ya gotta get a little wild. Oh yea! I’m talking breakfast for dinner, Mayo on fish (sushi style duh) and just because we can…a holiday dish in the peak of the summer! I …

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Love & Lemons: Heirloom Caprese w/ Mint Pesto

There are few things I love to do more than spend a couple of hours trolling the world wide info highway for other food blogs that are doing yummy things! One blog I love to frequent is Love & Lemons …they always have fresh and vibrant dishes and this one …

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Just some thoughts…

Dear Real Girls Kitchen readers, It has been quite a while since I have just typed up a letter to you guys to catch up on life and I think it is about time! The last few months have been such a whirlwind I can’t even tell you. I have …

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Watermelon, Pineapple & Pine Nut Pico de Gallo

Summer is here and LA is heating up like crazy, we have been gettin’ seriously scorched over here. It’s hot…but it’s also time to bust out your bikini and ray bans… and some fun summer recipes by a pool! I made up this yummy pico de gallo recipe at home …

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Turmeric & Caper Cauliflower

Ya’ll…honestly, it’s not everyday that I become as obsessed with a vegetable recipe as I have this one! I crave it like crazy and it’s so full of flavor I think you can understand why! Dress up cauliflower with this yummy “dressing” and I promise you can turn even the …

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Carrot, Ginger & Coconut Milk Soup

Hi friends!!! This last month or so has been a total whirlwind! As if announcing the RGK tv show, getting engaged and finally sharing the show with ya’ll on wasn’t enough…I have just returned from Vancouver, where I have been shooting a psychological thriller called ‘Till Death Do Us …

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We’re Engaged!

Friends, This week has seriously just become the best week of my life! As if announcing The Real Girl’s Kitchen tv show wasn’t enough, Matt just took me by total surprise and proposed…on April Fool’s Day of all days! The moment was genuine and sweet (like him!) and I couldn’t …

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RGK coming to The Cooking Channel!

I have been waiting for months & months to announce this happy news!, Citizen Pictures and I have made a show that we are so so proud of! I hope you enjoy it and I hope you feel inspired to get cooking! Check it out on starting April …

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