Thanksgiving Album 2011

Happy belated Thanksgiving! No recipe today, just a quick share of what was on our table yesterday. I love the feeling of all coming together, throwing the diets out the window and truly enjoying each other. It’s special to be able to feast together but it’s also special just to have each other. A big hug from me to you!

My mom’s (and grandmother’s) dressing…She taught me how to make it this year. Even though it will be a little late, I’ll try to get that posted! It is, without question, what Thanksgiving is all about. The first dish to be requested and the first dish to be empty. The best.


This fresh cranberry sauce is no joke. More to come on this...Delish.

We are all telling Rachelle that she needs to see this cranberry sauce. She’s thinking about it…If she does I promise You will be the first to know. I never liked cranberry sauce till I tried Rachelle’s. This year, I ate it on everything.

My Mom’s green bean casserole…it’s just a classic. Always has been, always will be.

Me, Hil and her sister-in-law Cathy…and Mike too!

Rachelle’s Truffle Mac & Cheese. Enough said!!

RGK Butternut squash…you know my feelings. Had to have it.

My mama. The lady of the day.

RGK Peppered Orange Salad…something light and fresh to cleanse the palette.


My God-Mother Anne and Cathy..Yes, even at 26 you still need a God-Mother!! Even if I don’t, I’m keeping her! :)

Happy family, happy day, happy me. Now, time to get back in to a good workout class before Christmas.

xo Hayls

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  • Amy

    I love how close you are with your family and I love the way you help each other it’s so cute
    I wish I had an older like you Hayls
    sending Love your way
    From Bahrain ( far far away from you :p)

  • Amy

    Oh forgot to tell you
    Lovin' the pic where Mike is in the background Hilarious lol

  • Tinavg_2003

    I’m glad you give us the chance to see how you and your nice family passed Thanksgiving, it’ very important show this “normal” part of life that many people forget when have in the mind the of Haylie and Hilary Duff :) I’m thankful for your recipes and experiences.
    xoxo from Barcelona

  • Lauren

    Looks delicious! Such a nice family celebration! I have the same Sophie Conran dishes! I am so excited! I must be doing something right to have the same dishes as the Duffs! :)

  • Alison

    Everything looks so great and delicious! Mmm. Yammyyyy. :D
    Thank you so much, Hayls, for all ur recipes! I’m only 16 and I never loved cooking before, but now I’m absolutely keen on it! And it’s because of you and ur amazing blog! Thanks! :)
    Definitely loved the pics! God bless ur family! :)
    xoxo, Alison

  • Nicole

    Wow, everything looks delicious! Love all the pictures. The one with Mike in the background is hilarious! :) I would love to have an older sister like you. Hilary is very lucky. God Bless and may you and your beautiful family have a Merry Christmas:)

  • Nicole H

    Please post the recipe for the cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, and the green bean casserole.. The pictures are making my mouth water.. lol. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! and please tell Hilary I said Congratulations on her baby boy:) and please record a new album next year sometime;) Have every album so far, and love every single song. God Bless Duff family

  • Nini

    Aw! So cute! :D

  • Hilary‘s Siamese

    Thaaaaaaaaaanx alot my darling Haylie 4 Posting this !!!!it’s just make me feel so Happy to see my sweet Hilary and her big sis and mama together having the thanksgiving !!!!!!!!!