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Hi Haylie! Really enjoying The Real Girl’s Kitchen cookbook! Thank you!!

I noticed on your Instagram that you were at a wedding recently (and in my home state!) so my question for you is…how can I keep my energy up during a day like that? A day where I drink more than usual, might not like the food being served and have to be there all day?

RGK fan, Kallie from Fl.

Kallie, that is a great question!! I have a couple tricks when it comes to keeping up with everyone at weddings! We all know they are long days, your on your feet a lot and there are all kinds of tasty treats being passed around.

Couple things to keep in mind…eat breakfast before you go! Showing up hungry won’t be good for anyone!

Don’t drink too much! Drink lots of water in between those cocktails! Being dehydrated is the #1 way to wear yourself out quickly.

If they are passing out appetizers…take one! That usually means dinner isn’t being served for awhile and they don’t want you to be hungry either!

Don’t fill up on bread! It is oh so tempting…but don’t! The super burst of carbs will give you the energy boost your looking for but then drop you low. Skip them if you can!

Lastly, have fun and dance! xo HD